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Meek Pizza

Already embroiled in a rap battle with Drake, Meek Mill went for the jugular when his local pizza boy arrived 10 minutes later than previously promised on the phone.

“I was really confused,” said 17-year-old pizza delivery boy Chad Sadler, “I apologized for being late then Mr. Miller said ‘it’s too late for apologies when you’re too late with my meat lover’s pizza’. Then I think he said something about getting ‘murked’? If that means what I think it means then I’m in big trouble. Customer complaints are taken very seriously at Big Bob’s Pizza & Tacos.”

After hearing the diss track Sadler said that he would not retaliate with a diss track, “I’m just confused that he compared me to the KKK, and I’m not sure how he has information on my penis size. It was actually a pretty good guess, but it just wasn’t a very nice thing to say.”


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