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Ridnour Pokemon

Coming off of his fourth trade in six days, Oklahoma City Thunder traded 34-year-old NBA point guard Luke Ridnour to 13-year-old sports fan Dylan Hutchinson for a grilled cheese sandwich, three collectible Pokemon cards, and “Some kind of CD from his mom’s car that she never listens to.”

Ridnour was ecstatic when he heard about the trade. “I’ve always loved the small town of Wallace, Idaho and I will do my best to ensure that we bring the state it’s first ever NBA championship.”

It should be noted that Ridnour did make the exact same statement with the previous four cities that he was traded to.

When informed that Idaho did not have an NBA team, Ridnour replied, “Well that’s cool, I guess. Maybe I could help out my new owner Dylan with his homework, or do the dishes or something.”

However, Ridnour’s new owner Dylan has other plans, “First we’re going to my friend Chad’s house and I’m going to brag about owning an NBA player. Then after explaining to my friends who Luke Ridnour is I will have Luke pick us up while we hold a basketball so we can dunk on Chad’s hoop!”

Dylan’s 40-year-old mother has her own plans in mind for Ridnour, or “Luke” as she likes to call him in a deep, breathy voice.

On the opposite end of the trade the Oklahoma City Thunder have been receiving non-stop calls for their limited edition Flareon Pokemon Card. Oklahoma City Thunder’s owner Clay Bennett shares his thoughts on the trade:

“We have secured one of the NBA’s hottest commodities. With Flareon’s powerful fire attack and his unique ability to heal himself we think he will be a perfect fit to start as a shooting guard alongside Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook.

It may take some time for Westbrook to adjust to Flareon’s weakness to water and his occasional outburst in biting teammates that try to pet him, but we think we’ve got a contender here.

We also have big plans for the Alanis Morisette CD. Nothing gets the crowd going like ‘You Oughta Know’. “


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