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Indiana has become the latest state to pass a Religious Freedom bill through its legislature and on to the Republican Governor Mike Pence’s office for its signing into law Thursday morning.

The bill essentially allows private business owners to use their religious beliefs as justification to refuse service to customers.

Now Indiana is receiving threats from a range of people such as George Takei to organizations like Gen Con who have indicated they will skip visiting or doing business with the state.

While most people with common sense oppose the bill, a few are pretty excited.

Organizers of Hate Con added Ft. Wayne, Indiana to their short list of potential convention sites next year. Hate Con’s executive director spoke with MTB. ” We love hate, and so the people of Indiana’s loss is our gain.”

Others have expressed similar sentiments. Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame tweeted “Yippee! Now we can do our ‘scriminatin (sic) out in the open. Intolerance wins. Thanks Mike Pence!”

Several other prominent bigots, like Don Sterling congratulated Indiana on “growing a pair” while Ted Cruz said all this close mindedness is making me hard. Rode hard and put away wet former Governor of Arizona Jan Brewer, also a Republican, had similar legislation pass her desk while in office. She vetoed the bill. “At the end of the day it was just bat shit crazy. Indiana is now nuttier than Arizona!”

Another convention, Misogyny Fest, announced plans to hold their annual meeting in Evansville, Indiana next year. More as the story develops.


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