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“Well this is kind of embarrassing,” said Dr. Richard Paley as he speaks to his patient in front of a chart of the human body.

“As a foot specialist it’s obvious to me that the fifth metatarsal is here, and the talus is right here; but where exactly is the heart?” said Dr. Paley. “I mean, I know it’s not in the foot, and it’s probably not in the head either, because that’s where the brain is. I know that for a fact because my friend Bob who is a neuroscientist told me that.”

“In either case we’ll probably have to amputate. Shall we put you down for the 5 p.m. slot today? If we hurry I can still make the early showing of The Hobbit “The Battle of the Five Armies”. And yes, you guessed it. I am definitely intrigued by the nature of their hairy feet.”


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