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After one of the most riveting and tumultuous seasons yet, Game of Thrones fan Jeff Thornburg descended into a liquid nitrogen filled chamber worth over $3 mil.

“He thought about freezing only his brain to save a few hundred thousand dollars, but he had a few worries about finding a new body for it. True. Robotic bodies have advance greatly in the last decade, but it wasn’t to the standards that Jeff would like to live in,” said Jeff’s wife Laura, who is also a huge fan of the show.

When asked about how this will affect their relationship Laura replied, “Anytime a season of Game of Thrones ends, our relationship goes from happiness to complete disaster. Sure, we do larping (Live Action Role-Play) down at the park. Jeff dresses in full body armor and pretends to save me from another overweight, middle-aged man with medically low testosterone. Then he takes me home and claims his castle. But after a few weeks of that, we sink into depression. A man can only read so many dragon comic books to supplement his dream world.”

“Now if you’ll excuse me I have a book signing to go to. Peter Dinklage who plays Tyrion is there. I promised Jeff that I would get a lock of his hair for him.”


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