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Snarky Nerd LeBron

Evansville, IN — The feeling of defeat is palpable today inside the small studio apartment of Pacers fan Rodney Harris. “I don’t know how his could happen?” Harris asks no to one in particular as he sits on his futon staring at his smart phone. Rodney is of course referring to the embarrassing 4-1 defeat the Miami Heat handed his beloved team in the NBA Eastern conference finals.

“I was the first guy to put up a meme of LeBron and Dwayne Wade in make-up and women’s clothing,” Harris said while admiring his online comments, “I’m sure that LeBron and Wade, or at least some of their fans saw it, which could directly impact the game. Think about it, 3 seconds left and LeBron has to sink free throws. Right as he starts to shoot he flinches because in the back of his mind he’s thinking of my meme. He might be the king of the court, but I’m the king of the comment board. I can point out his flaws in less than 140 characters on any given day.”

Harris  sadly closed the window to his ESPN comment board in defeat. “It got like 2,000 re-tweets, but I guess I was foolish to think it was enough to make it to the finals,” said Harris, “But luckily my work is never done. There’s a local news story that is focusing on the success of a local animal shelter. They’re showing photos of cute children hugging their new adopted cats ands dogs. I’m pretty sure I can spin this into a political tirade about the president abusing his White House privileges somehow.”

For more on Rodney Harris’ tragic story follow him @goldnblue69.


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